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About SWIFT UK Ltd

Any organisation registered in the UK, that is a shareholder of SWIFT SC (SWIFT) or is a user of its services in the UK, is eligible to join SWIFT UK Ltd.We bring SWIFT users in the UK together to make sure that the community has a strong and effective voice on the issues that matter. We ensure that the UK is properly represented on the SWIFT Board and we provide our members with networking and industry engagement opportunities. Our relationship with the senior leadership team and Board of SWIFT provides an effective platform for the UK Community to review SWIFT products and service performance as well as influencing its strategic direction

We invite you to join SWIFT UK today. Help us ensure that future SWIFT strategies and policies and the development of SWIFT products and services meet the needs of the UK community of SWIFT users. 


What can SWIFT UK do for me?

Membership provides your institution with a forum to:

  • Keep up to date with the latest developments and trends in SWIFT communities internationally
  • Share best practice with other SWIFT users within the UK community
  • Share strategic and operational views at an industry level 
  • Discuss and influence key areas of SWIFT strategy including ISO20022 migration, the Transaction Management Platform (TMP), annual SWIFT Standards Release etc.
  • Shape the debate: influence SWIFT SC decisions through the UK representatives on the SWIFT UK Board
  • Actively participate in, or provide feedback on, new and upcoming SWIFT initiatives
  • Access key product and advisory groups including:
    Banking & Payments Committee
    Corporate Access Group
    Financial Crime & Compliance Advisory Group
    FX Money Markets & Commodities Product User Group
    Network & Interfaces Product User Group
    Securities Advisory Forum
    Trade Advisory Group


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What is the National Member and User group?

  • SWIFT UK Ltd is the legal structure through which the National Member Group and the National User Group conducts its business on behalf of the UK SWIFT community.

The National Member Group (NMG) refers to those institutions which are:

  1. Established in the UK,
  2. Shareholders of  SWIFT SC, and
  3. Members of SWIFT UK Ltd.

The National User Group (NUG) refers to those institutions which are:

  1. Established in the UK,
  2. Only users of SWIFT SC’s services and/or products, and
  3. Members of SWIFT UK Ltd.

SWIFT UK Ltd represents both the NMG and NUG. The NMG is made up of all the SWIFT UK members who are the nation’s SWIFT SC shareholders. The UK NMG has a representative on the SWIFT SC Board of Directors where they provide advice and feedback the UK NMG’s co-ordinated views.

SWIFT UK Ltd represents the NUG through a number of fora such as the Banking Payments Committee (BPC) and the Trade Advisory Group (TAG) which are responsible for planning, coordinating and facilitating activities that impact upon the wider SWIFT UK community. The NUG helps with the development of SWIFT SC products and services that are beneficial to the UK SWIFT community. Further information about the SWIFT UK Committee, Advisory Groups and Forum that undertake this work is available here. If you, or your institution are interested in joining SWIFT UK, details on how to get involved can be found here.

Who to contact?

For any questions or details on how to join, please contact: