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About SWIFT UK Ltd

SWIFT UK Ltd is a membership organisation representing the UK community of SWIFT users. It serves in an advisory capacity to SWIFT Board, representing the interests of SWIFT shareholders and users by co-ordinating their views, forming common UK policy and facilitating communication and collaboration between SWIFT and the UK community. Its primary role is to act as the UK National Member and User Group.

SWIFT UK Ltd seeks to support the UK community by identifying and researching current and emerging issues, lobbying and influencing key stakeholders and shaping UK strategy towards SWIFT. Membership of SWIFT UK is voluntary, and open to the entire community of UK SWIFT shareholders and users.

What can SWIFT UK do for me?

Membership provides you with a forum to:

  • Discuss and influence key areas of SWIFT strategy, from regulatory and resilience issues to corporate access and reference data;
  • Review SWIFT Board papers, including discussion papers, communiqués and resolutions, and feed comments back to the UK's Board representatives;
  • Attend quarterly Banking & Payments Committee (UK BPC) meetings to discuss a wide range of strategic and policy matters associated with the banking and payments components of SWIFT’s business;
  • Attend specific product and advisory groups such as:
    UK Securities Advisory Group
    Network and Interfaces Product User Group
    UK Corporate Access Group
    UK Sanctions Advisory Group
    UK Trade Advisory Group
    UK FX & Money Markets Product User Group
  • Meet and network with other UK SWIFT clients on a regular basis to share strategic and operational views;
  • Keep up to date with developments and trends in national and international markets.

What is the National Member and User group?

  • SWIFT UK is the National Member and User Group for the UK community of SWIFT shareholders and users. SWIFT shareholders in each country advise and assist SWIFT SCRL Board on specific local matters such as appointment of national Directors to the Board. These institutions comprise the National Member Group. The User Group is wider than the National Member Group and includes all of a nation's SWIFT users (shareholders as well as non-shareholders). Any organisation that is a shareholder of SWIFT or a user of its services in the UK is part of the User Group.